How we clean the beeswax before we render it for projects

Fall has arrived!  I’m loving today…enjoying the cool breeze through the windows, doing a little cleaning, baking Oatmeal Craisin White Chocolate Chip Cookies  and whipping up a batch of Creamy Butternut Squash soup (recipes coming soon!)  Ed cleaned up the garden, let our chickens roam around there a while eating bugs and tomatoes, and then he […]

The Process of Extracting Honey

  One of the first things I wanted to know when we began our beekeeping classes was how a beekeeper got to the honey.  I had absolutely no knowledge of bees and, as interesting as it all was, I couldn’t wait to learn how to get that honey out of those honeycombs!  It was quite […]

Beekeeping…How We Started

Ed and I first got interested in beekeeping in the winter of 2012.  We found a class offered by our local Beekeeper’s Club, BONS, Beekeepers of the Northern Shenandoah, and signed up for a class that began in February.  It lasted about eight weeks and consisted of one, two-hour class a week.  I was a […]

A little luck…and a new lens

We visited our apiary today in the hopes of getting a good photo of our little ladies hard at work.  We got really lucky!  This one is carrying a bit of pollen.