Drying Hydrangea Blossoms

I dearly love hydrangeas.  They invoke an old fashioned, timeless beauty in any garden and to me there is no other shrub that can top the loveliness of their deep green, thick leaves and their unbelievably beautiful, complicated and romantic blossoms.  Last year, we revamped our gardens on the north side of our house by pulling out old spindly shrubs… Read More

Trimming Crepe Myrtle Trees

When it comes to the Southern garden, Crepe Myrtles are a must.  Their late summer blossoms add beautiful color and a graceful canopy to the garden and their sculptural trunk structure is worthy of the spotlights.  But care must be taken to keep them in the best shape or they can become unruly and lose their structure.  That means bringing out the loppers… Read More


This is the second year for three of our blackberry plants and I am very excited to see an abundance of beautiful berries.  They won’t ripen for another week or so, but this one little berry decided it was ready.  I see a lot of blackberry jam making in my future and this year I’ll try to come up with… Read More