Charming Frames to Make!

With my granddaughter’s first birthday party last week, things were hectic around here to say the least!  My best friend, who usually does all the cakes in our family, recently had surgery and was not well enough to complete the task.  I was handed that hat and also had plans to make something for her nursery that would be useful… Read More

A Fireplace Remodel

When we moved into our home, it wasn’t the most beautiful.  The openness and basic bones were great, the views were incredible and all the space was sublime.  However, the builder had a thing for beige everything, orangey hardwood floors (still something I want to change), ugly formica countertops trimmed in wood, and hideous light fixtures.  The dishwasher and stove… Read More

What to do with all those lovely, dried Hydrangea blossoms?

When I was decorating our home for Autumn, I was trying to come up with a centerpiece for my dining room table.  I didn’t want the usual pumpkins and colored leaves there, but something more rustically elegant, with natural materials to contrast with the gray walls, as well as add texture and a touch of color to the room.  Then… Read More

Make your sad, flimsy slipcovered sofa all fat and happy again!

If you own a slipcovered sofa, you’ve probably noticed that it just doesn’t hold it’s shape.  Eventually, no matter what brand (mine is Pottery Barn and I’ll post about that experience later), it becomes harder and harder to make it look plump and beautiful.  It just…deflates.  For months I’ve been looking at mine and hating them (sofa and loveseat!). Today… Read More

Eden’s Coconut Cream Pie

My husband loves coconut anything, but he has a special love for Coconut Cream Pie.  I baked one up for him this morning to start his weekend off right.  This is a very rich pie, not too sweet, very creamy, and it truly melts in your mouth.  I’m still undecided whether I love it more than my regular recipe, which I’ll… Read More