Cajun Cornbread Dressing

I lived in Texas for most of my young adult life (not by choice, merely by circumstances) and while I respect all my Texan friends’ love of the state, the best thing about it for me was it’s proximity to Louisiana and my introduction to incredible Cajun food.  My copy of the Chef Paul Prudhomme’s […]

Make Ahead Turkey Gravy

I always hated those hectic moments when the turkey was finally done roasting, I was trying to time the baking of the cornbread dressing with the sweet potato dish, rolls, etc., and in the middle of all that, trying to make gravy from the turkey pan drippings and then somehow manage to serve everything hot. […]

Sweet Potato Bread Pudding

Today I’m making a double batch of this recipe, which I’ve made for Thanksgiving since 2004 when I found it in the fall edition of Cuisine at Home.  Although entitled a pudding, this dish is my go-to sweet potato side dish for holiday meals.  Everything we’ve ever made from the pages of Cuisine at Home has […]

Eden’s Coconut Cream Pie

My husband loves coconut anything, but he has a special love for Coconut Cream Pie.  I baked one up for him this morning to start his weekend off right.  This is a very rich pie, not too sweet, very creamy, and it truly melts in your mouth.  I’m still undecided whether I love it more than […]

Roasted Butternut Squash Apple Soup

Is there anything more glorious than autumn?  Not in my book, and I’m betting you feel the same way.  The cooler weather makes me want to get something on the stove that’s fragrant and hearty and delicious, and my favorite at this time of year is Roasted Butternut Squash Apple Soup.  So healthy, satisfying and […]

White Chocolate Oatmeal Craisin Cookies- Crazy Good!

Today is the first true fall-like day and there’s nothing I love more than a quiet Sunday with the windows open, football on the television (I don’t watch it, I just love the sound), wearing a sweater, and baking.  Today I created a new recipe and it turned out great!  My husband loves oatmeal cookies […]

Eden’s Blackberry Raspberry Pie

This evening, exhausted from a day of canning 28 jars of Peach Vanilla Honey Jam, having a lot of family over to visit for the afternoon and for dinner, and cleaning the kitchen at least 5 times, we spent the evening picking ripe raspberries and blackberries from our gardens.  Feeling a bit “jammed out,” I […]