A little Holiday Magic in the Master Bedroom

Why decorate only a room or two for the holidays when you can bring a little magic into every single space?

I’d forgotten that last year, after Christmas, I bought a small closet full of ornaments and another little tree, all on clearance, for our bedroom. Having discovered them, I very happily went about decorating this space all afternoon. As in my family room Christmas decor, my palette in the bedroom is one of no color. I love the simple elegance of white, crystal and silver because it matches the light, airy feeling I’ve tried to create in our home and it is restful, soothing and just plain beautiful.

Our bedroom is quite large and encompasses three separate areas: the sleeping area, the office, and the living area. Ed loves the paint color and recently told me if we never changed it, he would be happy. It’s called Sea Salt and I think it’s by Benjamin Moore.  It’s soft and peaceful, the color changes as the day goes on, and it truly makes our bedroom seem like a peaceful haven. I love it with the soft white trim and a punch of dark wood here and there.  Last year Ed remodeled the fireplace and laid new dark wood floors and I’m very pleased with how it all came together. Today I just added a little holiday cheer in the form of one furry and two sparkly stockings, silver reindeer stocking holders, snowflakes, garlands, candles, and all things silver and white.Bedroom-21Master Bedroom at ChristmasBedroom-7Bedroom-6The tree is new (I know, I know…I should use real trees, but fire is scary when you had one of your houses burn on Christmas Day!), and some of the things, such as the centerpiece on the coffee table, came together from things I just dug out of boxes in the basement.  I have a lot of mercury glass and candles and, as you can see here, sometimes I just throw them all together in a way that pleases my eye.  The tall silver vase was a gift and I love the texture and reflective quality it brings the arrangement, as well as the height.  I like to throw in a little greenery, have something with rough texture and warm tones to balance all the coolness (the basket provides this), white objects and lots of sparkly things that reflect the candlelight.Bedroom-32

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Estate Sale find

Above the sofa I have a beautiful antique mirror onto which I draped a simple mercury and white glass garland.  I used a small Command Strip that’s sticky on both sides to attach it to the mirror and had to be very careful as the garland is fragile.  Removal will be simple and neither the mirror nor the garland will be compromised.  I truly love this small detail.Bedroom-35Bedroom-36In late summer I bought a duvet cover and two pillow shams from Ikea for our bed because I felt the room needed a bit of pattern.  It’s black and white and compliments the touches of black in the room, such as in the cow print above the antique mirror, the firebox of the fireplace, the wrought iron candle holders and clock legs, the large clock on the wall, the coffee table and the lamps which flank the sofa.  We bought our bed probably sixteen years or so ago from Costco online and it’s extremely well-made.  We intend to have this bed all our lives, so we went with high quality.  I have to literally climb up into it, it’s so tall!  Even though it’s large, the height and space beneath it give it a certain airy feeling.  I bought the very old painted glass print above the bed at Harris Henkle when they closed their doors a few years ago in Winchester.  I’m certain it’s from the 20’s or 30’s and it’s very heavy.  I just really loved the wood and the gold lettering.  For a small touch of holiday cheer, I put a few stems of white winter berries in a blue glass vase on my side of the bed.  I didn’t even notice Ed’s reading glasses on the his bedside table when I was photographing the room, but love that they were there.Bedroom-6Bedroom-27Bedroom-11My very favorite item in the room is the blanket box Ed made me for my birthday a few years ago.  I absolutely love the cottage style and little bun feet and it’s functionally wonderful for holding all the extra blankets and pillows we use for grandchildren sleepovers.  Mostly I love that he kept it a secret, made it all by hand, and completely surprised me with it.  Bedroom-38I found this old mahogany dresser at an estate sale probably twenty years ago in Texas.  I waited in line outside the house in a lawn chair from about 3:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. in the cold, and scored two of these dressers and a beautiful mahagony table.  She’s a little dinged up, that makes makes me love her all the more.  Estate Sale FindI made the “S” wall hanging from a clearance mirror I bought at Home Goods.  Ed measured and made a square of cardboard to fit the mirrored space and I covered it with burlap and added our initial.  I love the texture of this too. Bedroom-39I’ll now post a gallery of some other details.  I had a lot of fun today decorating this space and I love the calm serenity I feel when I’m in this room!  I love waking up here every day.  I hope this tour inspired you to take Christmas into more than just your family or living room and enjoy the beauty and warmth of the season throughout your home.

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