Incredibly Healthy and Delicious Pizza- Eden style!

Amid the chaos of making jams and jellies and canning them today, we threw together one of our favorite dishes for a quick supper:  our healthy pizza.

I buy a pre-made pizza crust and, honestly, the best tasting is Boboli.  It’s just not the healthiest option.  I generally look for whole grain crusts.  We got these at Costco and they are made from all organic ingredients.  My review would be that the crust was good and crispy on the edges and it tasted good, but it was oddly textured and a bit soggy in the middle.

I place the crust on my pizza stone and brush it with olive oil, then layer fresh spinach, sliced tomatoes (from our garden! Yum), basil, mushrooms and, if I have them (which I didn’t tonight) red and/or green peppers.  How gorgeous is this?Healthy Pizza 4-1You can basically add anything you like.  I absolutely love adding toasted pine nuts, but those things have gotten so expensive that I refuse to buy them.  Healthy Pizza 8-1

Top all of that with a pretty generous sprinkling of goat cheese (I also buy mine very reasonably at Costco and it’s wonderful) and bake in a 425 degree, preheated oven for about 15-20 minutes.  Just be sure to watch that it doesn’t get too brown.

I serve this hot and fresh from the oven and I personally love to add a generous sprinkle of freshly ground sea salt.  It’s delicious and I don’t even feel guilty about eating it. I’d actually prefer it over standard pizza any day and I hope you enjoy it too!

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