Make your sad, flimsy slipcovered sofa all fat and happy again!

If you own a slipcovered sofa, you’ve probably noticed that it just doesn’t hold it’s shape.  Eventually, no matter what brand (mine is Pottery Barn and I’ll post about that experience later), it becomes harder and harder to make it look plump and beautiful.  It just…deflates.  For months I’ve been looking at mine and hating them (sofa and loveseat!).

Today I said enough was enough.  I went to my local discount store and purchased two big bags of this:sofa 4-1

It set me back just under $20.

I spent about 1/2 an hour stuffing the backs and seats of our loveseat and sofa.  Because the back inner cushions don’t zip, I just placed this stuffing between the slipcover and the inner cushion, trying to be careful to make sure it wasn’t too terribly lumpy.  The results?  I am pretty darn happy.  I think they look so much better.  The downside?  When I wash the slipcovers, I’ll have to pull this out and pile it up for re-stuffing, but that’s not a big deal to me.  They do look a bit lumpy here and there, but that sure beats them looking wrinkly and deflated any day.

This inexpensive and easy project was well worth the time and minimal amount of money I spent.  My family room even looks so much neater without all that slouch!

Make your slipcovered sofa fat and happy again!

Now you might think this is subtle, but wait until you see this loveseat:

Stuff that loveseat!

I’m about to write a post about my experiences with these Pottery Barn pieces.  If you’re considering the Comfort Grand Sofa and Comfort Loveseat, you might want to read it before you buy!

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